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Welcome 👋 this is the very first blog post on this site.


Hey there! I’m Harshit Raj; if you’re here, you probably know me or want to know me. The main page has plenty of formal details about me. Here may I interest you with a few non-nerdy things.

I’m obsessed with a few things, and I can talk nonstop about them. Oh yes, I may talk about everything in my mind, to the extent that I get marked as extrovert, but my energy drains superfast. My salvation is good views, tasty food, and good music. That being said, it is very nice to talk to people ❤️

If you wanna connect and talk over something, feel free to ping me. I’m generally on a caffeine overdose. Reading random stuff about things that might interest me. I’m not a fan of heat, so I spend a decent amount of time in RM or KD lab when I need an extra monitor.

✨ Beautiful Views

At that moment, all he realized was how beautiful that moment was. Bewitched, all he could feel was the peace of that place. Wearing an ear-to-ear smile, he said, stay.
~ Black Dragon

I have some images which are neither binary nor material.

🍦 Food and Musssiiccc 🎶

Mine and mine alone. :) Do I have a sweet tooth? YES. Here’s my Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped. Unpopular opinion, sharing a good song could be an excellent first conversation.

Harshit Raj
Harshit Raj
Junior Undergraduate
Computer Science and Engineering

In love with this serendipitous world and learning new things.