IITK Coin Logo designed by our team

(This is a brief on IITK Coin and some relevant links)

The work happened in two phases.

Summer Project 2021

The work started as a Summer project under Bhuvan Singla

I made backend for the same application from given specification by General Seceratary, Science and Technology Council.


Winter Project

After the backend was over I wanted it to get deployed in campus and approached the mentor and discuss posibility of frontend.

I then looked for Design team. Anshuman, Apeksha and Shreyansh joined IITK Coin as design member and got started with figma drafts for the application.

Bhuvan, the mentor, said he’ll be using his own backend in deployment then I along with Abhishek and Somya worked on both frontend of same. I also contributed to the backend of the same and deployed it on Heroku.



  • Collaborated to an backend application written in Go using http and some external packages like logrus, viper, etc
  • Migrated the Database from sqlite to PostgreSQL to keep the db persistent in deployment on Heroku
  • github.com/bhuvansingla/iitk-coin

Unfortunately the application isn’t yet in production :(

Harshit Raj
Harshit Raj
Junior Undergraduate
Computer Science and Engineering

In love with this serendipitous world and learning new things.