Introduction to Rust Pattern


Abhishek Shree | Harshit Raj

Somya Gupta | Manas Gupta

Aim of the project

  • To familiarize the mentees with Rust programming language
  • Teach the concepts of low level programming - WebAssembly (Wasm), OS, etc
  • To build and deploy an end product in Rust
  • To help them explore languages other than C, C++, Python, etc


12-17 Hours per week




Why Rust ?

  • Rust is a new programming language that is being developed by the Rust Community
  • It is a safe, fast, and statically-typed language
  • Rust is a toolchain for building systems that run on the web
  • Rust solves memory management problems
  • It looks cool 😎
  • Google more Whys


Phase 1

Week Topic
0 Learning git and github
1-3 Learning Rust


Task Topic
1 Assignment based on basics of Rust
2 Mentees choose whether to proceed with a project in Web Assembly or OS

Phase 2

Week Topic
3 Introduction to WebAssembly and OS
4-7 Implementation
8 Deployment

General Remarks

  • Meetings will be on Discord and irl(if possible)
  • Task submissions will be through Github
  • Mentees will have to be engaged in the project
  • Take the project only if you’re serious about it and willing to put proper efforts into it
  • Timeline is flexible, depending on mentees

Thank You

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to any of the mentors.

Abhishek | Harshit | Somya | Manas